Greg Gant
Front End Architect, UX Engineer

About me...

About Me...

Like most native Oregonians, I was born in California (moved to Oregon when I was six). I completed my west coast tour after spending my freshman year in Seattle. My day job is Front-End Web Development, a world filled with pre-compliers, frameworks, virtual machines and Internet Explorer. I spend most of my time trying not to break website properties owned by Fortune 500s, and I credit all my successes in life to my greatest inspiration, caffeine.

Currently, I work for a small agency located in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon with a great team enabling me to fulfill my lifelong goal of paying off my student loans. It's a technology stack agnostic environment which means shifting gears between Cordova, Drupal, React, Expression Engine, Django, Jekyll, Wordpress and plenty of other tech stacks.

When I'm not working, in my off-time I enjoy conquering the outdoors (or better worded, it conquering me), reading, skiing, photography, skateboarding, micro-brews and working on music projects (see & and I blog too.

My claim to fame is to be the once owner of, a website dedicated to Sony PlayStation 2, which paid enough to be a part-time job and set unrealistic expectations. I graduated from the University of Oregon with a Digital Arts/Multimedia degree, (with an art minor which also set unrealistic expectations). Since then, I've worked in education for two non-profits, and made the transition from designer to coder, from Eugene to Portland (Home owner to apartment dweller), and from e-commerce to agency life... and for the first time in my life I'm OLCC certified (thanks to being a minority stake holder in Bandon Rain Cider Company).

I'm proficient with audio, video, visual design and product photography, and even performed contract work for the Comedy Central TV Shows, Key & Peele and Workaholics, and Amazon Prime TV show, Betas. If its digital, I can do it. I also like microbreweries, so that I can do that too.

A short list of my dev/design tools arsenal...