Greg Gant
Front End Developer, UX Engineer

About me...

About Me...

Like most native Oregonians, I was born in California. I completed my west coast tour after spending my freshman year in Seattle. My day job is Front-End Web Development, a world filled with pre-compliers, frameworks, services and Chrome. I spend most of my time trying not to break website properties owned by Fortune 500s, and I credit all my successes in life to my greatest inspiration, caffeine. It's allowed me to pursue my lifelong goal of paying off my student loans.

When I'm not working, in my off-time I enjoy conquering the outdoors (or better worded, it conquering me), hiking, reading, skiing, photography, skateboarding, micro-brews and working on music projects (see & and I blog too.

My claim to fame is to be the once owner of, a website dedicated to Sony PlayStation 2, which paid enough to be a part-time job and set unrealistic expectations. I graduated from the University of Oregon with a Digital Arts/Multimedia degree, (with an art minor which also set unrealistic expectations). Since then, I've worked in education for two non-profits, and and made the transition from designer to coder, and went from e-commerce to agency life... and for the first time in my life I'm OLCC certified (thanks to being a minority stake holder in Bandon Rain Cider Company).

I'm proficient with audio, video, visual design and product photography, and even performed contract work for the Comedy Central TV Shows, Key & Peele and Workaholics, and Amazon Prime TV show, Betas. If its digital, I can do it. I also like microbreweries, so that I can do that too.

Some notable achievements: I worked on as the lead developer for seven years, helping the website to grow from 120,000 monthly pageviews to an average of 520,000 monthly page views. I engineered an Shopify custom template that allowed Currents.marketplace to achieve second round of funding for it's second-life car battery distribution.

I'm looking for another company to call home, one that'd let me grow my technical skillset particularly in modern Javascript frameworks.

A short list of my dev/design tools arsenal...